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Welcome to the LADBS e-Permit System

The following services are now only accessible in our new e-Permit system known as PermitLA:
     1. Obtain one or more Express Permits including Temporary Special Event Permits.
     2. Calculate the fees for an Express Permit.
     3. Check the status of an existing e-Permit payment.
To use any of the above services, please click PermitLA.

e-Permit is a simple, hassle free way to obtain permits that do not require plan check (Express Permits) via the Internet. e-Permit can also be used to determine the cost of an Express Permit. Click here for a list of Express Permits.

Please note: All contractors must complete a subcontractor form providing information on any subcontractors used on the project. This form must be returned to the Office of Finance. Please click here for more information.

Click "Continue" at the bottom of this page to use any of the following services:
     1. Request an inspection (for any permit).
     2. Online Payment (ex: Extra Trips, Off-Hour Inspections).
     3. Update registration information (for e-Permit System only).
     4. Building and Safety Internal Login.

You will need:

* Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.
If you wish to install either one, click on the appropriate logo located in the left column.

* Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
* A valid credit card (Visa, MC, American Express) in order to pay for your permit(s).